The FARM STEW Crews are networks of mission-minded people who want to share a recipe for abundant life by investing in the ministry of FARM STEW International. They form local chapters to facilitate sharing the recipe of abundant life!  The first official one is the FARM STEW Crew of Southwest Michigan.

Members learn about issues affecting families and children in Africa, and solutions to improve their spiritual, emotional, financial, and physical health and wellbeing.  

Using the power of collective philanthropy, members are asked to donate annually, help organize events, and invite others to do the same!  

FARM STEW Crew efforts will drive innovative training and services to make a difference now, for the “least of these” through FARM STEW.

If you are interested in joining or forming a FARM STEW Crew in your area, please call Cherri Olin at 815-878-4897 or sign up below.  Gift(s) can be sent to PO Box 291, Princeton IL 61356 or made online at In the memo line or notes, simply mention your Crew.

Looking for a fun way to get involved?

Here are some creative ways that members of FARM STEW Crews use to share the recipe!
Feel free to adopt one as your own or come up with one yourself!

Birthday Letters

Big days such as milestone birthdays are a good time to make a difference. One FARM STEW crew member thought of a creative way to help on her 80th birthday. She wrote snail mail letters to her friends and family, near and far, explaining what FARM STEW does and inviting them to give to FARM STEW in honor of her birthday. She even included a return envelope provided by FARM STEW. This was a wonderful idea and the blessing continues to multiply!

Birthday card sample

Farm Stew Meal

One crew member thought of a unique way to share the recipe! She hosted a FARM STEW themed cooking demonstration and invited Joy, the founder of FARM STEW, to be a speaker. She arranged for a young professional cook, to prepare FARM STEW foods such as nixtamalized corn, tempeh, foraged greens, and a full array of colorful produce. Creative ways to prepare FARM STEW foods for aesthetic, nutritious, and delicious meals were showcased. Attendees were able to enjoy the dishes while learning more about FARM STEW’s mission and impact.Do you want to share the recipe with others? Host a FARM STEW meal for your friends, family, and community! Use a selection of our delicious FARM STEW recipes, provided below, or create your own. It is a great way to connect and share with others. Enjoy Mouth-watering recipes